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Top Bragging Part Deux

Posted on 3rd Oct 2013

Well here it is at long last my second instalment of everything to brag about in the world of John Turrell.

I have to give a big thank out to my label boss at Big Chill Eugenie Arrowsmith for a fantastic album launch down at the Big Chill House in Kings Cross and before I get into what a great night was had, I would like to take this opportunity to also thank all the staff who were on that night for a job well done. They really made us feel welcome and they grafted their behinds off to make sure the night went without a hitch.


The night started with a lovely little acoustic gig in the upstairs of the Big Chill House with press, peers and industry people alike all looking to see what Eugenie had obviously been twisting their arms and ears about. I was part of the welcoming party which is not my strongest point but I did it with my best rum punch in hand. We took the stage in an electric atmosphere of fear, hope and quiet Geordie confidence. I knew my boys Andy Champion & Mike Porter weren’t going to let me down. We performed five tracks from the album to what I can only describe as a great room of people and an abundance of confidence building applause.

Upstairs_me_and_Porter_small.jpg Upstairs_Andy_small.jpg


On to the main event where we were greeted by the amazing sounds of Mezzowave, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Max from the band for all the help he gave us and the loan of his equipment, the guy is a pure gent. What can I say about this outfit apart from with the combined vocal talents of Angie Brown and Alison David and a band that’s about as tight as a submarine door they truly had me and my band "The Heed" bricking it for our slot!

A fabulous crowd had turned out on this drab school night in London town for my launch and it will be a night I will always remember, a lovely mix of new folk and faces that I know from right across the country all turned up to see the show and for that I’ll always be humbled.

In my next blog I'm going to introduce you to my band "The Heed" but for now here's the line up:

  • Drums..............Oscar Cassidy
  • Guitar..............Athol Cassidy
  • Keys...................Mike Porter
  • Base...................Andy Champion
  • Vocals.............John Turrell

I've got to say for all you up and coming bands out there that as a unit together we learned something in the run up to this launch, that it's really important to practice, in the 15 years I've been in this game it never really occurred to me!

Even without that I can truly say that these boys are unbelievable and that I could have never of imagined my music could sound so live and as impressive if it were not for them, big respect boys! From the start of the gig we were constantly looking at each other working out our jam, pushing the tracks to the edge and then feeding it across to the audience, the feel was unbelievable, we finished our set on a real high and I can safely say for all of us that we really enjoyed our moment under the lights that night.


On next was the was the cacophony of sound and texture that was the Kalakuta Millionaires, moving easily through brass based funk, soul vibes through to pure melodic afro beat. These guys had it all and were a total pleasure to watch. The energy that they expel in one session could light up London for a good couple of hours, something to definitely think about when considering global warming!

Last but by no means least was our end of the night DJ extraordinaire, the one, the only Mr Nick Faber. Not only because he knows his records back to front and sideways again, it was this super talented lads songs that I had just been singing in my set just an hour before. Without this lad one of the best nights of my career would have just been dust in the coal mans eye.

Thank you everyone who made this night great

John Turrell

All Photos Courtesy of Naomi Hood

Be good and always ask permission.

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