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Posted on 2nd Mar 2015

Well here I am again folks waxing lyrical about what I've been doing over the last year or so. Now don't get me wrong I like to talk about myself as much as the next man but a year is a long space of time to cram into a blog especially if it's a year as extra jam paced as mine! Here goes.....

First up was our tour of mainland Europe, with the help Dave the driver in the now legendary "Bongo Bus" we worked our way through Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and France. You would think spending a couple of weeks on the road with a bunch of hairy Geordies would end in tears but I can safely say the only thing that was crying when we got home was our livers. Along the way we met some genuinely lovely people, friends from all over Europe came down to see us and truly made or trip unforgettable. It was an honor to finish up our tour in Rennes playing the world famous Trans Musicales festival. Not only did we get to play in front of a huge capacity crowd but the whole set went out live on French TV (watch the video here:

Another highlight was headlining the BBC6 main stage in Liverpool, just as the sun was setting over the Mersey. BBC6 did an amazing job of recording the whole show and a big thanks has to said to them for playing it in its entirety over the airwaves later the next day. Special respect has to go to the crowd, through wind, rain or shine the Liverpudlien’s know how to party.

Late summer saw the S&T boys finally hit the USA with a mini DJ/PA tour of LA. Apart from soaking up the California sun, my self and Smoove played some very special gigs culminating in a performance at Echo Park with the likes of DJ Spinner and Stevie Wonder no less. Not bad for a couple of reprobates from sunny Newcastle upon Tyne. Thanks to our manager Ema for making a little dream come true.

All through 2014 the UK crowds have been extraordinary. Supporting us the length of breadth of Britain, from showcase gigs at festivals to our more intimate sets, you have always been out in there in force to make last year a truly special one.

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