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BBC London with Iain Lee

Posted on 14th Sep 2013

Before I get into what an amazing week it has been, here is where it all started. 

6:30 in the morning the engine was running and I was on my way to pick up the boys Mr Mike Porter & Andy Champion. 

Its a hard life being in a band and living in Newcastle which is right next door to London really helps. We had a small 4 and a half hour drive ahead of us and the legend and all round top bloke Iain Lee was waiting for us at BBC london. Needless to say the drive was a special one, being stuck in a small space with Mike Porter is always a bit of a treat best of it being theres always the drive back to look forward to. 

Not even the legendary London traffic was going to stop us from reaching broadcasting house and here in all it's glory is the result.

BBC - Radio - London - 07 - 13 - ALL


Porters head really is this big in actual life!

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